Resolution to dissolve Creek Consortium

The Chair of the Faversham Creek Consortium has been given notice of a resolution to dissolve the Consortium, on the grounds that “the management group does not conduct the business of the Consortium competently nor in accordance with the constitution, and that the Consortium has no legitimate role and serves no useful purpose.”

The constitutional breaches quoted are that the management group does not, and makes no effort to, fulfil its objectives of consulting, co-ordinating and encouraging participation by the community; it does not meet the requirement of holding at least two public meetings a year; it does not have the requisite number of elected members; and it has failed to give adequate notice or make adequate arrangements for the AGM.

It is noted that the Consortium no longer has a role in the replacement of the Creek swing bridge or the Neighbourhood Plan and is no longer associated with Swale Borough Council. Since the management group does not consult with the membership or seek any kind of mandate, it cannot claim to represent anyone, or to speak and act on anyone’s behalf, and therefore has no useful purpose.

A further notice has been served calling for an Extraordinary meeting at which the resolution to dissolve can be put to the vote. This asks for a date to be set within 7 days, allowing for 21 days notice to be given.

More information about the Consortium, including the constitution, can be found here.


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