Creek Consortium sets September meeting date

From the Faversham Creek Consortium page on the Swale Borough Council website:

“The AGM which was due to take place on 31 March 2015 had to be postponed because the interest was such that the room booked at the Alexander Centre, based on last year’s attendance, wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone who came to the meeting. The Consortium’s Management Group apologises to all those who came along to the meeting for the inconvenience this caused.

“Subsequently, a motion was received to dissolve the Consortium and to hold a special meeting for the purpose.  The Management Group had itself been intending to propose the dissolution of the Group later in the year since, with the drafting of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan and with most of the funds secured to build a new swing bridge, most of the Consortium’s original aims are nearing completion.  The Management Group is therefore consulting the appointing bodies and proposes to hold a special meeting to dissolve the Consortium at 7pm on Thursday 3 September 2015 in the Assembly Rooms.”

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