Reminder: Neighbourhood Plan hearings

A reminder that the examination hearings on the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan start next Monday (5 October) and the deadline for anyone who wants to apply to speak  is 4pm today (Monday 28 September).

The examiner does not want to hear from lots of people all saying the same thing, but has expressed an interest in hearing from anyone who has something different to add, and in particular from people who own or live in property adjacent to the proposed development sites.

The hearings will not cover the whole of the plan, only those matters which the Examiner wants to explore in more detail. If you want to speak on any of these matters, email your request to

The matters to be considered, and the provisional schedule, are:

5 October, 10am to 1pm
▪ Opening comments and procedural matters.
▪ Does the plan meet the Basic Conditions? If not, has anybody “suffered substantial prejudice” as a result, and is it fixable? The Examiner says “Among other things I shall wish to hear views as to whether the proposed minor modifications [ie, the amendments agreed with Historic England] are in fact minor modifications and the consequences if they are not.”
▪ Three specific Creekwide policies:

Addition of new policy, HE4, proposed by Historic England:
New development will be designed to preserve nationally important archaeological remains in-situ. Archaeological remains of local or regional significance will be either preserved in situ or subject to archaeological investigation so as to advance understanding of the significance of archaeological remains that provide evidence of the development of the creek’s historic maritime and industrial uses. The preservation of evidence of the area’s development during the middle-ages and of the development of the Faversham gunpowder and boat building industries will be given a particularly high priority. Development proposals should be informed by discussion with the Council’s archaeological adviser and, where appropriate, by a programme of pre-determination archaeological evaluation in order to determine the nature, condition and extent of archaeological remains that may be present and the appropriate response to these.

Paragraph on Moorings:
Outside of this neighbourhood plan, Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council will develop a policy on moorings, in consultation with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and other stakeholders. The policy will include restrictions on long-term mooring used as the occupant’s sole or primary residents and provision to ensure that waste from residential moorings will not be discharged into the Creek.

Amendment to Policy INF5, proposed by Historic England:
Original: Renewable energy proposals will be permitted unless they would result in harm to the character of the buildings and the amenity of residents.
Proposed: Renewable energy proposals will be permitted unless they would result in harm to the character or special historic or architectural interest of the buildings or the character and appearance of the conservation area or other heritage assets and the amenity of residents.

5 October, 2pm to 5pm
Site specific policies: Site 2 Ordnance Wharf and site 3 BMM Weston.

6 October, 9.30 am to 12.45 am
Site specific policies: Site 4 Swan Quay and Site 5 Frank and Whittome

6 October, 1.45 pm to 5pm
Site specific polices: Site 8 Standard Quay and Site 9 Standard House.

7 October, 9.30 am onwards
▪ Overruns from previous sessions and matters that have arisen during the course of the hearing that require further consideration
▪ Site visits
▪ Closing

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