Swale development panel greenlights Neighbourhood Plan

Swale Borough Council’s Local Development Framework panel – the committee that deals with strategic planning – has followed the planning officers’ recommendations to accept the independent examiner’s modifications to the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan, and allow the modified plan to go to referendum.

The provisional date for the referendum is 20 October 2016.

It was reported that counsel for the owners of Swan Quay had submitted a legal opinion that the examiner’s comments on this site were beyond his remit and unlawful. However, counsel for the Council disagreed.

Cllr. Mulhern – the only Faversham member on the panel – said he had “concerns” about Swan Quay, but voted with the others to allow the plan to go forward.

1 thought on “Swale development panel greenlights Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Sue Cooper

    It is good that the changes have been made and accepted and I am also of course delighted that there is apparently a new mood of cooperation afoot. But I am finding it all very hard to swallow from the point of view of Standard Quay – the sacrificial lamb here. Please do not welcome this too unconditionally. If AAP2 had been followed – and it was very hard fought for in the first place – then there would have been no question of the scale of development that is now inevitable on the town end of Standard Quay. This will cause massive reconfiguring of Abbey St and Belvedere Road and will also have an impact upon the Creek in terms of light pollution affecting navigation, it will destroy the view of the Church from the marshes – already affected by the ‘landmark building’ on Waterside, as well as traffic issues. These things must be challenged as they emerge. I am sure plans are already prepared for the Bus depot and SECOS. There is also the archaeology there which is now, at least, more openly acknowledged.
    I also am not sure that I agree that the NP should be supported at referendum and that not to do so would be a disaster. If the NP fails, then what else would be put in the Swale Plan but AAP2? At least then we would have a chance of regaining what should never have been lost in the first place had we had people in positions of power who were prepared to listen to facts. Forgive and forget is a fine sentiment. It is not one I find easy to adopt.


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