Countrywide Productions – which has made two documentary films about Faversham  (A Sideways Launch, about the Pollocks shipyard, and Red Sails, about Thames barges) – has made a new film, Visions of a Creek.

From speaking to a wide range of local people in the course of making this film, it has become clear that a great many residents from all over Faversham are worried about the future of Faversham Creek, are frustrated at the lack of information and public debate about what’s happening, and feel excluded from the decision-making process.

That’s why, in association with writer and local resident Hilary Whelan, and other concerned Faversham residents, we have set up this website – as a forum for sharing information and a communication channel for people who feel their voices are not being heard.

It’s a non-commercial enterprise, entirely voluntary and not for financial gain.

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