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  1. Robert Telford

    I am very unhappy about this para in Brian Caffarey’s post on Filming at the Exhibition;
    “Is it too much to hope that those who regularly post on this site won’t attempt to justify this behaviour by some perverted view of ‘democracy’?”
    I feel that this should have been moderated or removed on the basis that it is inflammatory and insulting.

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      We understand your comment. However, this post was in the FORUM section, where we enable people to put up their own posts/start new threads. We state that we don’t censor posts as long as they’re not illegal or indecent. Despite his many criticisms of this site, Mr Caffarey cannot complain that we don’t allow freedom of expression. If people are inflammatory and insulting, others may draw their own conclusions as to what this says about the opinions expressed.


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