Throughout this website, people are free to respond to topics that have already been raised, and to other people’s comments.
This page allows you to raise NEW topics for debate by putting up your own posts.

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You can say what you like, as long as it’s not illegal or indecent – or irrelevant: we reserve the right to exclude material that has no connection with Faversham Creek. Short posts are best; if you want to expand on them later you can always add a comment.

Please be patient. This site is run by volunteers in their spare time, and it won’t always be possible to respond instantly to your emails. If for any reason we feel we can’t put up your post, we’ll contact you by email to explain why.

2 thoughts on “Forum

  1. Griselda Cann Mussett

    I heard there’s a page where we can see all the Faversham Flood photos – can anyone say what it’s called? Or could someone please create one? It would be EXTREMELY useful for the forthcoming Planning Hearing re the proposed resto (and pain bar) on Standard Quay, and in the evolution of the new Creek Neighbourhood Plan.

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