• The Quay:  Standard Quay. An ancient maritime site with shipbuilding tradition going back centuries, if not thousands of years, it was almost the last remaining UK boatyard with the expertise to rebuild and restore sailing barges and other wooden vessels. Watch the film
  • Faversham Creek Trust. “Faversham Creek Trust is an independent, non-political body, not-for-profit community enterprise, set up to ensure the future of Faversham Creek as a working waterway for the benefit of the town of Faversham. Socially driven, the Trust uses business means to achieve maximum benefit for the community. All our members are unpaid volunteers.” (From website)
  • Help Keep Faversham Creek. Facebook Page set up by young people for their GCSE Citizenship coursework: “We are working to stop the modernisation (building flats, houses etc.) of Faversham Creek, and hopefully help to re-industrialise the creek for our GCSE Citizenship coursework, we hope you will like the page to help our cause!”
  • Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan. Minutes of steering group meetings and other information are available on the Faversham website
  • The information and materials displayed at the “illustrations exhibition” on 7/8 June 2013, and consultation feedback forms, are available online.
  • How to do Neighbourhood Plans
    The official UK planning website page on Neighbourhood Plans provides links to this Quick Guide.  A more detailed version is also available.
  • Faversham Creek Consortium. The Faversham Creek Consortium is a forum created in late 2005, with support from Swale Borough Council, to promote co-ordination among groups interested in the regeneration of Faversham Creek. Details and minutes of meetings available from the Swale Borough Council website.
  • Heritage Help. An advice portal on saving and caring for historic assets.
  • Shipshape Network. A UK-wide network for ship conservation, home to the National Directory of Skills & Services and a communications framework for everyone with an interest in our maritime heritage
  • National Historic Ships UK. An independent organisation which gives objective advice to UK governments and local authorities, funding bodies, and the historic ships sector on all matters relating to historic vessels in the UK.


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