Our Heritage

If it weren’t for the Creek, Faversham wouldn’t be here.

Faversham is proud of its heritage. We protect and preserve our old buildings, our historical treasures. But what about our maritime heritage? Isn’t that just as important?

We can’t preserve everything. Many old creekside activities and industries are lost forever. But we still have traditional quaysides, with old Thames barges – just as beautiful and historic as our listed buildings – and potentially just as much of a tourist attraction.

Our maritime heritage is one of this town’s biggest assets, yet we’re not making the most of it. It used to feature in promotional materials, but – coincidentally? – since the local authorities have been planning creekside development, it is no longer mentioned. With no information or signs in the town centre, many visitors – and quite a few residents – don’t even know there’s a creek, or if they do, they don’t know how to get there.

If developers are allowed to urbanise our quaysides, our maritime heritage – and the money it could bring to Faversham in jobs and tourist income – will be lost. The developers may offer space for a “museum” – but dead displays are no compensation for the loss of living heritage. Museums today hire actors to bring their exhibits to life – we don’t need to do that; we have the real thing. But we are in danger of losing it.

Whats’ more, because of the limited access for construction vehicles and increased traffic flows, Faversham’s broader heritage is also threatened by the proposed developments – including Abbey Street, arguably the best-preserved medieval street in Britain, and certainly one of the most attractive.

Let’s talk about Faversham’s maritime heritage, and what we have to lose if it’s destroyed.

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