The Big Picture

For those who don’t know, Faversham is a market town with a population of around 20,000. It lies
on the north Kent coast, about 50 miles from London, at the head of a tidal creek.

Faversham Creek is the focal point of this picture – as it has been since prehistoric times, when there was a settlement at the place now known as Standard Quay. For centuries, Faversham was a thriving port, exporting wool and importing wheat, building ships, manufacturing explosives, shipping out the locally-made bricks that built 19th century London.

With the decline of British industry since the mid-20th century, Faversham is no longer a commercial port. Many of the historic industrial sites along the creekside have been built up with housing developments – but a few undeveloped sites remain, where local people can enjoy the waterside, and the creek was gradually coming back to life with a revival of maritime activities.

Now those remaining sites are threatened with yet more development – and that’s what this website is all about. Can the creekside be developed without killing the Creek?

We want to open up the debate on some of the most contentious issues: the redevelopment of Standard Quay, where our prehistoric ancestors settled all those thousands of years ago – the navigability of the Creek and access to the upper basin through a moveable bridge – the preservation of Faversham’s maritime heritage and its enduring value to the town as a provider of jobs and a unique attraction for visitors – and, above all, the importance of genuine local democracy, engaging the whole community in decisions that will affect its future.

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