Working Creek

Should we let Faversham Creek silt up and die – or should we get it working again?

The Creek no longer carries commercial traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer any use as a waterway. With the channel and creekside opened up to Thames barges and other traditional wooden boats, as well as pleasure craft, canoeing or fishing, the Creek could give us jobs, a unique tourist attraction, and a wonderful place for local people to enjoy.

While our councils have been spending money on plans, the Faversham Creek Trust – a wholly independent initiative run by volunteers with no funding or support from the local authorities – is actually doing something. It is renovating the old Purifier Building at the head of the Creek, and turning it into a centre for traditional maritime crafts and an apprentice school.

See what the Faversham Creek Trust is doing, at

But for the Purifier project to succeed, and for Faversham to have a Creek that works for the town, we need dredging of the silt, working sluices to stop it building up again – and, above all, an opening bridge so that boats can access the upper basin and reconnect the Creek to the town centre.

It is possible.

If we want a working Creek for Faversham, we need to put pressure on Kent Council Council (responsible for the road deck of the bridge) and Medway Ports/Peel Ports (responsible for the waterway) – and to get Swale Borough Council and Faversham Town Council to support us.

Can we get Faversham Creek working again? What can we do to make it happen?

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1 thought on “Working Creek

  1. Mike Cosgrove

    Great to get it working,this needs the gates and sluices working, the bridge to be replaced, trafic management in place, more regular sluicing of the navigation, all wharf owners to repair and dredge out their berths and a volume of heavy traffic that can change the current creek V shape back into a U. Heavy and regular traffic means vessels over 100 tons ie Cambria plus. The cost of the gates,bridge etc is £1m. Medway ports will only sluice infrequently, and need to be further persuaded.


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