Is Visit Kent misrepresenting Faversham?

The Visit Kent organisation, responsible for promoting tourism in the county, drew some flak for supporting the Standard Quay restaurant proposal and seemingly being ill-informed about Faversham. The Faversham News (23 May) reports further criticisms of the way Visit Kent portrays the town on its new website, from Faversham resident Dr Harold Goodwin – who, as professor of responsible tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University, is an authority on tourism promotion. By heading up the Faversham page with pictures of a working boatyard that no longer exists, having been forced to close, says Dr Goodwin, the site is presenting a false image which could be judged as misleading advertising. He also notes that “What’s on in Faversham” includes only Brogdale activities with no mention of any town centre events, “Things to do” is entirely about food and drink, and the image of Faversham’s Maison Dieu is in fact a picture of the building in Dover.

Visit Kent defends its portrayal of the town, but encourages everyone to visit its website and flag up any changes that are needed. With its new “state-of-the-art” website facilities, any mistakes can be quickly corrected, it says. So let’s see what happens.


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