The final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan which has been submitted to Swale Borough Council can now be seen online, along with the Consultation Statement (a legal requirement, which must explain what consultation was carried out and how the feedback was dealt with) and the Basic Conditions Statement (which must explain how the plan conforms to the criteria against which any Neighbourhood Plan is measured, including conformity with local and national planning policies, and with UK, EU and human rights legislation).

Readers may like to comment on the following paragraph on page 7 of the Conditions Statement:

The Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan also:
• contains a mix of uses that meets the need of the local community
• has been developed through widespread local consultation
• has broad local support from the residents, notwithstanding specific objections to
certain aspects of the plan
• has the broad support of the various land owners/developers on whose land new
development is being proposed.


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