Reminder: Creek Consortium meeting on 3 September

There will be a Special Meeting of the Faversham Creek Consortium on Thursday 3 September, 7pm, with a motion to dissolve the Consortium. Details can be seen here and the agenda is here.

Please note the change of venue: the meeting will be at the West Faversham Community Centre.

Anyone who might wish to attend but is unable to do so can send their apologies to the secretary, Brian Caffarey, at

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Creek Consortium meeting on 3 September

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      Mike, as explained previously, there is nothing we can do about this. You registered to follow this blog using the old email address and this cannot be changed at our end. To get updates sent to your new address you would have to go the home page and register to “follow” again, giving the new email address. You would have to delete the original registration to stop emails going to the old address.


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