Q&A: Visions and objectives

The Neighbhourhood Plan website has a FAQ section with questions and answers but there doesn’t seem to be any feedback facility, so we are re-posting some of the questions here – discussions welcome.

Title: Why was there no opportunity to comment on the Vision and Objectives at the June 2013 exhibition?
Date Posted: 25 06 2013
This exhibition did not offer a further opportunity to comment on the Visions and Objectives and these were displayed for information only. This was because the Vision and Objectives were drawn up in two public workshops held in autumn 2008 which were facilitated by Urban Initiatives. For this reason, the objectives did not include reference to more recent events such as the use of the Purifier building by Faversham Creek Trust. One additional objective, no. 12 was added by the Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group when it reviewed the objectives in September 2011. The Vision and Objectives were re-consulted on as part of the Site Options exhibition in May 2012. The sequence in which the objectives are listed is not indicative of their relative importance.

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