A quiz

Who has put it on record that they are unhappy with “incompatible juxtaposition of residential and industrial uses which would likely result in an unacceptably low level of amenity” and would be “likely to give rise to adverse pressure on existing businesses in the vicinity to change their methods of working, which could negatively affect their viability”, and with an “unacceptable loss of business use in an area [Faversham creekside] which is characterised by industrial and maritime uses and has historically suffered from under-provision of employment uses and an over-provision of dwellings”?

Is it (a) the Confederation of British Industry, (b) aggressive and unreasonable Creek activists, or (c) Swale Borough Council?

2 thoughts on “A quiz

  1. Robert Telford

    yes I am sure it can be none of the above, which only leaves the Faversham Town Council, or the Faversham Creek Consortium. or am I missing something…


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