A communication from the Faversham Creek Consortium

The response to those who signed a resolution to dissolve the Faversham Creek Consortium can be seen here FCC-replytorequestforSpecialMeeting.

The secretary, Brian Caffarey, says he is unable to contact the signatories because he has only their postal addresses. He is not prepared to deliver by hand, and says the Consortium has no funds for postage (less than £15). He has therefore contacted three signatories whose email addresses he happens to have, and asked them to pass on the message in whatever way they think fit.

Since they do not know all the other signatories or have their email addresses, Visions of a Creek is making the response available in the hope that everyone concerned will see it. Please circulate it as widely as possible.

The response, in brief, says that the Consortium’s management group will discuss what to do on 21 May. Given that 21 days’ notice is required for any meeting, this would mean that a vote on the resolution could not take place till the middle of June at the earliest.

It also suggests that the signatories to the resolution should pay the cost of room hire.

It notes that the management group had already recognised that the Consortium was “drawing to a close” but decided to continue “because it was considered that it remained a useful forum for discussion between representatives and individuals who uniquely make up the Management Committee.”

Constitutionally, there is at present no management group. Members were elected on 24 March 2014 to serve for one year. Since the AGM was aborted and has not been rescheduled, there have been no elections and there is no provision in the constitution for members to serve beyond their one-year term.

Here is a suggestion. Since there has to be an AGM anyway, call the Extraordinary meeting for the same date, thus there will be no duplication of costs. And do it now.


1 thought on “A communication from the Faversham Creek Consortium

  1. Anna Bales

    I have repeatedly told Brian Caffarey that I do not know who organised the petition neither do I know who the signatories are. I can imagine that there was a queue to sign up though!
    They are just being pig headed and frankly childish to keep up this correspondence with me. I do not know the answers, I don’t want to know the answers. I just want this ridiculous gang of 3 organisers ( or should I say disorganisers ?) to stop pretending that they in any way represent anyone or anything other than themselves.


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